Why 63p.com?

63 Squares

In response to a somewhat overwhelming number of people asking “Why 63p.com?” it’s worth taking a moment to explain the profound and esoteric methodology behind this seemingly simple name. Remember, however, that in a post-modernist, relativistic world, all things mean all things (though not necessarily at the same time) so ultimately the meaning behind 63p is yours to derive.

63p refers to “63 pence” (approximately how much money I spent on paying a corporate naming consultant) and to “63 people” (the number of people that fit into a moderately sized room). It refers to “63 photographs” and — as the image above indicates — to 2^6-1 (two multiplied by itself six times… minus one).

You can find a visual clue to 63p at google.com.

In the language of the graphic arts, 63p is “63 picas,” which equals 10.5 inches or 25.67 cm, which the length of a letter-sized page if you deduct its half-inch margins.

An obvious secondary meaning is that it represents the factor of the historically sacred numbers seven and nine conjoined with the Hebrew letter “peh” (which also means “mouth”), symbolizing communication.

Finally, if you’ve persevered through these explanations this long, I owe it to you to explain that I actually picked 63p for a much simpler set of reasons: I like the sound of it, It’s short enough to say quickly, and it was guaranteed to make people ask, “Why 63p?”