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David Blatner is the author of 15 books on a wide variety of topics, including digital imaging, aviation, desktop publishing, science, and pi. David demystifies and explains technical and scientific matters in an easy-to-read, fun way.

His non-computer books include Spectrums, The Joy of Pi, Judaism For Dummies, and The Flying Book.

His computer books include Real World InDesign, InDesign Breakthroughs, and Real World Photoshop.

Blatner is also the co-creator of InDesignSecrets.com and PEPCON: The Print + ePublishing Conference, and the Editorial Director of InDesign Magazine.


David's original site was moo.com, which is now the home of MOO printing. Why 63p? Click here for an explanation.

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You can find David Blatner and 63p.com online at:
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facebook: facebook.com/davidablatner
email: david@63p.com

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